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The Road Beyond Cybersecurity:
A Recap of Our 4-Part Series

JEI Tech is delighted to share a comprehensive recap of our recent 4-part webinar series, “The Road Beyond Cybersecurity.” Access the recordings here to delve into insightful discussions and valuable knowledge aimed at fortifying your business practices.

Episode 1: Driving Beyond Cybersecurity In the inaugural session, we explored a holistic business security approach, emphasizing the need to protect customer and employee data, cultivate trust, and foster a security-first mindset. We challenged the conventional cybersecurity narrative, focusing on building a proactive security culture within your organization.

Episode 2: Investing in Our People Our second webinar delved into the crucial aspect of investing in our greatest assets—our people. We discussed strategies for keeping employees engaged, providing training to make informed decisions, and empowering them to identify warning signs. A well-trained and vigilant workforce emerged as a key component of enhancing overall security.

Episode 3: The Strategic Approach The third installment focused on implementing a strategic approach to security. We explored practical examples like invoice policies and related procedures, underlining the importance of strategic measures to maintain a secure business environment. Guardrails and guidelines were discussed as tools to keep employees on the right track.

Episode 4: Last Line of Defense In our final episode, we discussed products as the last line of defense. Contrary to a sales pitch, this session highlighted product categories that can support your employees and business when other security measures may falter. It was not about selling; it was about exploring the types of tools that can enhance your business’s overall security posture.

Key Insights from the Series: The series challenged the conventional cybersecurity paradigm, drawing parallels to a car driving down the road with employees inside, alluding to the security features necessary to help employees stay on the road. We covered topics ranging from password management solutions, exfiltration and phishing protection, to the importance of cloud-based file solutions and third-party backups.

Closing Thoughts: As we conclude this series, we hope to leave you with a better understanding of securing your business beyond conventional cybersecurity tools. JEI Tech remains open for consultations and conversations at any time. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for joining JEI on this enlightening journey. Until next time!

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