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Testing Zulty's Phone System: A Small Business Perspective

At JEI Tech, we’re always on the lookout for innovative solutions to streamline our operations and enhance communication with our customers.

Recently, we had the opportunity to test Zulty’s latest phone system, Release 18 & ZAC 9, and we’re excited to share our initial impressions.

First Impressions: The MMS Capabilities that have been added have enabled us to centralize our business communications to a single platform. Our technicians are no longer juggling cellphones and our office phone ap it can all exist in a single location.

Standout Features: One of the standout features of Zulty’s Phone System is its new multi factor authentication for better security. The next biggest add has been the improvement of web admin allowing you to perform basic administration tasks inside of a web browser rather than using an app. JEI Tech sees the ability for customers to update user names, extension numbers, and passwords from a web browser as a big step forward.

Anticipated Benefits: As we continue to test Zulty’s phone system, we anticipate several benefits for our small business and our customers. The improved call quality and reliability will enhance our customer service experience. Additionally, the improved security and easier administration will help our customers rest easy and to better control their own phone systems

Overall, our experience testing Zulty’s phone system release 18 has been positive. The system’s user-friendly interface, integration capabilities, and advanced features make it an asset for our small business. We look forward to continuing to explore the benefits of this innovative phone system and incorporating it into our daily operations.

Stay tuned for more updates at JEI Tech and an upcoming webinar exploring these new features!

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