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10 Years In Business!

HIGH RIVER — August 25, 2016— JEI Tech, a leader in unified communications announced recently that they reached a very significant milestone, their 10-year company anniversary. They have played a central role in supporting the business community in their area by empowering businesses to accomplish “more with less,” through the deployment of futuristic technology. In an interview with the Co-founders, we discovered that they attribute their success to focusing on three key areas; delivering world-class customer service, having a unique business philosophy and their supreme technical skills in very demanding installations. JEI Tech is a full-suite provider of managed IT services and voice applications, with various products ranging from turnkey server/network design to implementation, ongoing device maintenance, spam filtering, virus removal and data backup.

When a customer makes the decision to work with us, I take it very personally,” states John Coleman, Co-founder of JEI Tech “Usually, when a new customer calls us, they are in a very difficult situation. Either their network has crashed completely and they need to get back online immediately, or they want to prevent that type of outage from ever affecting their business. One of the reasons we entered this industry is because we know what that feeling is like, on a firsthand basis. Right after the 2013 flood of High River, our entire network went down and our technical staff was so high-performing that we were able to get back up and running, within only 4 days. To put that in perspective, this outage normally throws companies into disarray for weeks, if not months. Being down that long can be detrimental to a company’s bottom line profitability. This is one reason why we are so good at what we do. We’re extremely dedicated to making sure that our customers never have to experience something like that. In fact, we optimize all of our customer’s key systems in order to make sure that they are secured against those types of disasters, so that they can focus on growing their business instead of worrying about IT.

Needless to say, JEI Tech is highly focused on delivering elite levels of customer service. They have quickly emerged as one of the leading members of their business community because they put client needs ahead of their own, which is one of the cruxes of their innovative business philosophy. “We believe that if we place our customers’ needs ahead of our own, this ultimately will lead to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. For example, when our customers need high-performing networks, especially sophisticated technology in remote locations, we often have to innovate and come up with new ideas in order to deliver the right solution to them. At first, this means we may have to stretch company resources to get our customer the solution they truly need, but in the long run this means that they will be blown away by the performance of our solution. When we do an amazing job, word spreads like wildfire and that’s how we’ve built our business over the years.

As the company continues to expand, so has its solution set. Customers who had positive experiences working with JEI Tech drove their expansion by asking them to maintain more of their key technology components. At this point, JEI Tech has a team of IT experts, which can cover the full suite of IT needs for virtually any organization. Some of their solutions include:

• Cloud Computing
• Server Monitoring & Management
• Computer Monitoring & Management
• Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
• Networking
• Email Exchange
• Internet Access with Security Controls

This is only the tip of the iceberg for JEI Tech and it is encouraging to see their growth. They are poised to continue to reach new heights as an organization and become the ultimate IT resource for any small to mid-sized business that wishes to increase their productivity and gain a competitive advantage through technology.

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