JEI Tech Improves Mobile Work Experience for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

JEI Tech Improves Mobile Work Experience for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Leading Managed Technology Services Provider Drives Productivity and Employee Satisfaction 

HIGH RIVER – December 26, 2023 – JEI Tech , a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), announced today new solutions to enhance the mobile work experience for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). As remote and hybrid work environments have become the norm, SMBs must provide employees with robust communication and collaboration capabilities. Advanced technology solutions for mobile employees have shifted from “nice-to-have” to “absolute necessity”. By improving mobile communication capabilities, JEI Tech is empowering SMBs to increase their employees’ productivity, foster collaboration, and ultimately, drive client satisfaction. Every business is looking for ways to increase efficiency as they grow. One of the first ways to achieve that is to ensure that an organization’s unified communications system provides employees with access to whichever form of instant messaging/SMS texting capabilities necessary to reach clients/coworkers on-the-fly.

For example, if a real estate agency needs to coordinate open house schedules and gather real-time feedback from both agents and brokers simultaneously, their underlying phone system needs to equip them with group messaging capabilities that integrate IMs/SMS texts into a single thread of conversation. Mobile messaging is integral to teams that need to collaborate quickly and seamlessly. Another simple, yet effective way to boost productivity is to optimize call routing. For example, if staff are not available at their desk, every voice/VOIP system needs to automatically redirect calls so they go to the right person, without sending clients on an “out of-office” scavenger hunt. Autoresponders should be redundant not a requirement for clients to reach an organization. 

For example, a home healthcare provider might have clients who cannot afford to waste time being rerouted from one person to the next, over and over, especially if they have a time-sensitive health issue. Automated call routing can permanently fix this type of problem, so patients are not shuffled around from office staff to field nurses to voicemail. Intelligent call routing is especially vital in these types of industries and can boost productivity for remote teams in any field. AI applications are also incorporated into the technology which can listen to conversations, analyze interactions and suggest solutions for improvement based off of real client conversations. This application helps SMBs improve customer experience. “Flexible mobile capabilities are crucial for SMBs in today’s work environment,” said John Coleman, Director at JEI Tech . “Our solutions enable seamless communication, effective collaboration and complete access to business tools regardless of location. This allows our clients to improve productivity and drive their business forward.” As the workforce grows more mobile, businesses must provide tools to connect and collaborate from anywhere. JEI Tech tailors solutions to equip SMBs with the mobile capabilities needed for success today and growth tomorrow. 

ABOUT JEI TECH JEI Tech provides comprehensive technology solutions that keep their clients going strong. Our commitment to designing and implementing scalable and dynamic solutions began over 10 years ago and has evolved into a consistent and reliable solution that answers our clients demands of better, faster, more dependable. Investments in education, knowledge and experience give our customers the ability to depend on a partner that provides intelligent, skilled solutions. This proficiency and unwavering support allows our partners to focus on their business requirements, trusting the support of a strong, dynamic, and reliable IT environment. Great leadership requires vision, commitment and the ability to make quick educated decisions. JEI Tech has recruited some of the best talent, coast to coast, in the IT sector to provide the most reliable and forward thinking IT analysts for your home and business. With well over 50 years combined experience, there is no job too big – or too small. 

We offer everything from turnkey server and network design, implementation and maintenance, spam filtering and virus removal to data recovery and backup strategies. Thriving on long-term relationships with our clients, most have been with us from day one. Give your business that competitive edge, contact us for your free consultation! • Professional • Powerful & Flexible Solutions • Rapid Support

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