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New Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Protect Small to Mid-Sized Companies From Phishing Attacks

JEI Tech , a leading Managed Technology Services Provider (MTSP), announced today that the company is protecting small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from the latest style of cyberattack. While phishing has long been a method used by cybercriminals, new developments in AI have made it easier for cybercriminals to disguise their phishing attempts, which is making it much more challenging for businesses to stay protected through conventional means. While most organizations offer cybersecurity training to employees or utilize “post-delivery” email filtration tools, human error is still the leading cause of breach. JEI Tech  is leveraging AI inbox filtration software to help business owners eliminate phishing attacks from ever reaching employee inboxes in the first place, so this risk is completely eliminated.

Cybercriminals are growing more sophisticated in their methods of attack and business owners need to understand which tools are necessary to protect their organizations. While business owners typically engage employees in cybersecurity training modules, unfortunately those trainings have deteriorating benefits over time, where even after only a few months, retention drops off. According to the 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), “85% of breaches involve ‘the human element’” and it’s no secret that “Bob from shipping” will never be as capable of detecting phishing attempts when compared to an AI email filtration system. With human error accounting for 85% of phishing attacks, it’s vital that companies learn how to leverage AI for their benefit, in order to compete with the technology of cybercriminals. John Coleman, Director of JEI Tech , stated, “You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Nor should you try to fight AI hackers without AI tools on your side.”

Phishing has been around for decades, however, content generating AI, like ChatGPT, have made it much more difficult for the average user to detect phishing emails in the modern age. In the past, it was relatively easy for an end user/employee to read a fraudulent email and to detect it because there was often awkward, non-native phrasing or slight misspellings in the email which would indicate that it was not credible. However, now that cybercriminals can ask AI to proofread and edit their messages so there are no grammatical errors, misspelled words, and the tone sounds just like a native-speaker, it will become much more challenging for employees to accurately discern fraudulent emails from real emails in the near future. 

JEI Tech  is combatting AI-phishing by using AI-based detection methodologies which can automatically detect whether or not an email is coming from a credible source or not. More importantly, it also removes fraudulent emails “pre-delivery” instead of “post-delivery,” as is standard amongst most newer types of commonly used phishing prevention systems. When the IT department can eliminate the human element from making any errors whatsoever, needless to say, this improves the cybersecurity of any organization. This is particularly crucial because if an organization utilizes a post-delivery email filtration software, there’s still a small window of opportunity for a fast-responding employee to unknowingly expose the company network to vulnerabilities, before the software can remove the email from their inbox. 

JEI Tech ’s software also does double duty, by constantly surveying the company network to track if company data is being improperly secured. For example, “Bob from Shipping” might be storing company files on a personal Dropbox/Google Drive account, which will need to be secured at the same level as other data storage centers JEI Tech ’s software can immediately detect if employees are storing company data on unsecured servers/locations and notify network administrators so they can address the issue before the company is exposed to a completely unnecessary breach. 

“AI is both a blessing and curse for business owners,” added Mr. Coleman. “Our job is to sift through all of the emerging technologies and to deliver simple IT solutions to businesses that need to scale safely, efficiently and securely.” 


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